How To Take Your Own Actor Headshots

The actor headshot is the first thing that a casting director will look at. It presents the best opportunity to make a lasting first impression that will either qualify or let you down as an actor. Even with the least of credits on your resume, a headshot can earn someone the life changing call if indeed you fit the role.

To come up with the best headshots on your own, there are several tools that you require. Ranging from cameras to tripod stands and wireless flash controllers, some of these are too expensive and therefore be found in a studio where you will also be treated to a range of sophisticated equipment such as color calibration hardware, computers, and light stands.

With these tools at your disposal, consider the following tips on how to take your own actor headshots (if you are in Toronto)

Concentrate on the eyes

An eye is the window of your soul, therefore aim at sharp and crisp eyes in your headshot. Capture the eyes in a very powerful manner so that the viewer is drawn to the photo with the aim of establishing a very strong connection that will earn you the job as an actor.

Make use of diffused light

If you are taking close-up shots, your skin will be the most central feature. This implies, therefore, that you should capture the skin without showing any blemishes. This is where diffused light comes in because it is used to gently wrap around the skin. This further gives a characteristic definition around the lines of your face without highlighting the blemishes.

Watch the angles

In any close-up shot, the angle has much to do with the final outcome and feel of the headshot. If you are a lady, for instance, the eyes should be made to look bigger and the face more delicate. This is achieved through elevating the camera in such a manner that you are shot down upon. For men, on the other hand, emphasis should be put on strength, therefore ensure you shoot slightly upwards which is the direct opposite of what women should do.

Make good use of the lens

It is a total failure to produce a near-dynamic headshot which has the simple shortcoming of lens distortion. For a close-up shot, try as much as possible to avoid mid and wide-angle lenses. Use a lens which is capable of compressing your image and slimming your face.

Guide expression

For a headshot to be professional and appropriate for an actor, it should meet the purpose for which it is meant. Ensure you pull out the most natural looks no matter what it takes because you are the photographer here, carrying all the permission to manipulate anything. Crack a nice joke in order to give the nice natural smile or converse with someone else in order to pull one of the most thoughtful gazes.

In general, you must be a visionary artist in order to take the best headshots of yourself that will earn you a reputation and finally a job as an actor. Just as you would love a photographer to please you, ensure you know how to take your own actor headshots.

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